July 16, 2010

The Mystery of Octopus Pole

The God of soccer Octopus Pole, the only Super star of fifa world cup 2010 because people are more interested in his predication rather than games & now world is fighting to get Octopus Pole who decided the fate of thirty two nation after predicting eight out eight correctly. In spite of Pole only Sakira & Spain did some brilliant job while rest of all unable rich close to them.
Just see the winner of Fifa world cup 2010 Spain which contains Sakira, Paul in Beginning & they only got popularity including Spain. As the mater of fact Paul faded the popularity of fifa world cup 2010 because of his extraordinary power. As the popular new channels are showing the live coverage of Paul's prediction. Due to the Paul's correct prediction every one is talking about Paul & nothing else So the new super star is getting show many offers from the world.
At last I would like to ask you a question that "Is Paul having some extraordinary power to predict the winner?" & as many people told & from the media report Paul having some extraordinary power but as far as I concern This is all about only random luck & nothing else baecsue choosing a winner in between to two team not a great thing, I think any body can do it, if Paul did the prediction before the fifa world cup 2010 than It can be said or If Paul have to choose the winner team among the thirty two team than we can say that Paul having some extraordinary power other wise not.
So the mystery of Paul is nothing but a random luck


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