July 06, 2010

Common Wealth Game OR Common Man?

I am asking this question to every Indian that which is important for us Common Wealth Game or Common Man? No doubt every heart will give the same answer, answer will nothing but common man but our govt gives more priority to the Common wealth Game rather than common man. You see the irony of our democracy that common men who elected a leader for the bright future of nation & citizens, they are ignored by their leaders. India is really great.
I would like you to rewind you the last year statement of Delhi CM Shila dixit that “Common men cut your pocket for development” than she again told the same thing that “common men should pay for common wealth game”. Every time govt is ready to crush common men for their need & greed. You see the rocket high inflation where common men is struggling to fulfill their basic needs our govt hiked the fuel prices & fuel price plays most impotent role in inflation, as a result fuel price hike leads to fare hike. Just see the cruelty of Govt. How cruel they are to the common men every time during crises they are crushing common men on the other hand you see the salary hike of MPs, now MPs will get 80k in place of 16k. My question is that why every time common men will compromise why not the political leaders? Why political leaders will not cut their pocket for development & common wealth game?
Govt is investing millions of rupees in games but when it’s a turn for common man, they are cutting the basics like petrol & cooking gas means games are more important than citizens, why this is? Is this because games will give you money in return & common men can’t do it for them. Great nation & great leaders but you forgotten that in every 5 year we are getting a chance to elect our leader, I think this time common men drown a great lesson & they will not repeat the same mistake to cast their votes to the corrupted leaders. Wake up Indians other wise it’s too late when our political leaders will sell our nation for the greed of money & profit than what you will do?
I am sure Indians will not repeat same mistake again, come on India get up and treat the political leaders as they treated us.


  1. These days no one thinks about common man. Who cares if anyone is dying in hunger or starvation. All we indians became emotionless.