July 23, 2010

Watch Indian politicians in action

See the ugly face of Indian politics & politicians, after watching this sight you can say that politics is only a dirty game & politicians are the part of dirt.
They looks law-breakers more then law makers.Such violent scenes are not new in Vidhan Sabha and even Lok-Sabha of this country.
Look this women is throwing flower pot and what message she wants to convey and observe her attitude...
Are they Managers of this country or Damagers ?
The word “Vidhan” means Niyam/quaeda/law...and Sabha..derived from Sabhya...does she looks like that?
Many leaders of almost all parties are behaving in public and in “House”[may be not in their own] in this manner,knowing the truth very well that the whole Nation is watching them “live” in camera.
The question arises “To Whom They Represents ?
At last I would like to say that we people are responsible for such ugly sight because we have only selected such leaders to rule our nation so we need to correct our error rather than blaming them because they are doing their duty. I think we forgotten our duty being an Indian its are duty to cast our vote to the right person.
So please please cast your precious vote to the right leader.


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