July 06, 2010

Injustice with Nehra & Parween?

If you go to find out the best fast bowlers in Indian cricket than you will definitely came across the players like Srinath, Zaheer Khan, Asish Nehra & Praween Kumar who played the most important to in the success of Indian cricket but the players like Nehra who helped India to reach in the world cup final always got bad treatment from BCCI & Now Praween Kumar facing the similar problem. Srinath & Zaheer are the lucky fast bowlers who enjoyed the favor of BCCI & Captain but Nehra & Praween said be the most talented swing bowlers from our side never got helping hand from BCCI or Captain as the performing very well from a long time. You see the excluding of Nehra & Praween from Srilanka test series & including of Isant & Sreesanth on the other hand Dhoni & BCCI is saying that “we are planning to make team for world cup”. Is this your future plan? Where best bowlers are sitting out side & waste are playing in team. If you will plane in the similar Faison no doubt Indian team will replay the history of 2007 world cup when we lost to Bangladesh & done our shameful exit from world cup.
At last I would like to say that Nehra & Parween are the best fast bowlers from our side & they need to play in the three version of game either its 20-20, Test & ODI cricket, if you really want to win the world cup or want to make a best bowling line up like our batting line up. Our bowlers are not consistence in world cricket like our batsmen this is because we changing our bowlers regularly & selecting different bowlers for 20-20, Test & ODI cricket. In this way they will never get their self confidence & never perform their best forget about the pressure games & big events like world cups so BCCI should promote the single bowling line up in every format of the game for the bright future of Indian cricket as well as our bowlers. Keep Nehra & Praween in team regularly & win world cup & to became no 1 in 20-20, Test & ODI cricket.


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