July 29, 2010

159 People killed in Pakistan plane Crash

On of the worst plane crash in Pakistan's history which killed all the passengers on 28th july 2010,Wednesday morning In Pakistan's capital Islamabad in between Mrgalah Hills area , the A-320 plane crashed due to heavy rains killed all 159 people.
Cerbloo Flight 202 was coming from Turkey Karachi via Islamabad. 9:45 pm local time this morning from the airport lost contact with air. Mrgalah Hills resort near the popular Adaamankaoha crashed. Witnesses said the A -320 aircraft was flying at very low altitude. Bacaokarmiyoan the relief work is very difficult. Vehicles can not reach the crash site is inaccessible and there. Aircraft wreckage was spread far enough on either side of the valley. Army has been called for rescue operations and emergency services in hospitals has been announced.
Civil Aviation Department spokesman Pervez George said all sorts of weather and technical investigations were allowed to fly the plane. Aircraft flew to Islamabad from Karachi in the morning 9:45 am local time from the airport lost contact.
"Geo News" quoted an official of the Capital Development Authority said the four bodies recovered so far from the crash site. The plane crashed area is covered with forest & military's numerous inquiries posts. Benazir Bhutto International airport official said passengers were worried relatives have gathered at the airport. Islamabad was raining at the time of the accident and was heavy fog. Probably due to bad weather the crash happened.


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