July 25, 2010

Who is great Mulidharan, Shane Warne or Anil kumble?

If someone ask you this question, who is great Mulidharan, Shane Warne or Anil kumble? Than what will be your answer I thing it is one of the toughest question to answer but not impossible to answer. Let’s find out who is really great in between them. If we will go through wickets taken by bowlers than Murli is no 1 with 800 wickets, Warne is 2nd with more than 700 hundred wicket while Kumle is 3rd with more than 6 hundred wickets but if you will go through match winning performance as well as good performance in unfavorable condition than ranking goes like this 1st Warne, 2nd Kumble & 3rd Murli than you will must ask me how! This is because Murli taken his 75% wicket in his nation while 25% in abroad, he performed well only in Indian sub continent which is said be the Paradise of spin bowling & hell for pace bowling so he performed only in the favorable condition on the other hand when Murli has started his carrier he is the only good bowler from the Srilakan side so use to bowels 40 to 50 over in every innings so he is getting maximum no of wickets in every match this is reason Murli holds the 40% wicket s & 60% holds the other Srilankan bowlers. Now come to the bowling action, the way Murli started bowling, which is against of cricketing law but thanks to reformation in law which allowed such bowling action. This al about Murli Now come to Anil Kumle when he joined Indian team Indian team don’t know the meaning of Victory but this player who taught us how to win through his single handed best performance, I have seen him through out his carrier that when he performed well India won & if not than we lost on other hand Kumble not performed well in Indian sub continent but also in abroad specially in the fast track where spinners don’t like to bowl, Kumble also equivalent to Murli because he is the only good bowler from Indian side so he is getting most no of wickets always. Now come to the best Shane Warne, why I ranked him no 1 in world cricket because he taken 75% of his wickets in unfavorable condition means in the fast wickets which is hell for spinners & paradise for fats bowlers but this legend performed his best in the hell of spin bowling & shown the magic of his finger after spinning the bowl in 60 degree angle which is almost impossible to do. Warne is different from Murli & Kumble because Warne belongs to Australia which is one of the best bowling attack of world cricket, he always got tough competition from the best bowlers like Mcgrath, Gilspi, Bread Hog, Jonsen & many more. Before Warne Spin bowling is the assert of Indian sub continent while Warne is only foreign player shown his greatness in spin bowling. So I am giving 100 out of 100 to Shane Warne he is the best spinner of world cricket & best bowler of the era for his extraordinary performance in world cricket.
At last I would like to say that Murlidharan is great but Kumble is greater & Shane Warne is the greatest.


  1. My ranking is as follows:
    1. Warne
    2. Murali
    3. Kumble

    It was tough to choose between Warne and Murali for the no.1 spot. But Murali picked many wickets against weaker teams like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe while Warne was strong against most of the teams (except India).

    Anil Kumble may have got so many wickets but his lacked delighting abilities which Warne possessed.

  2. Ratandeep, I am agree with your view not with your ranking because Murli bowling action is not 1005 right, thanks to ICC AS THEY changed the rule & allowed Murli to bowl other wise he will be among the chokers.