July 15, 2010

Now Waka-Waka in Common Wealth Games 2010

Shakira the pop queen almost shacked the world with her electrifying performance in center field of the Soccer City Stadium at the opening & closing ceremony of 2010 FIFA World Cup in Johannesburg, South Africa. Besides being wowed by Shakira’s performance which was backed by local fusion band Freshlyground, the soccer mania packed into the huge stadium were also treated with colorful safari scenes which were provided by giant projectors. Bollywood stars Shahrukh Khan including many business tycoon were their to watch the grand final of FIFA World Cup 2010.

OH! What a memorable closing ceremony to FIFA World Cup 2010.
Common Wealth Games 2010 round the corner in Oct. this year in New Delhi (India) will see another mega sports event of the year.
The famous Rehman, the winner of Grammy and Oscar is tipped to create musical novelty for the CWG. Will he be able to create another ‘Jai ho’ and some thing like ‘Waka Waka’ to enthrall the sports lovers of the world over is yet to be seen. On one has any doubt but on lookers are keeping their fingers crossed. Hoping that Bollywood queen Katrina Kaif will do the work of Sakira & bring smiler popularity.

The sporting event being organized in New Delhi will be watched over by billions of people across the globe provide opportunities of unimaginable magnitude for the Indians.
India is getting ready for the show………