July 25, 2010

Murlidharan The Great

I think you al know that Sachin is the God of cricket But I am saying Murlidharan is the God of spin bowling & the best spin bowler or you can say the best bowler of this era in world cricket who became a miracle when he achieved the target of 800 wickets in his last test in a filmy style & taken his retirement when he is in 3rd position in ICC bowlers world ranking. The target Murli has given to achieve the new generation is almost impossible to achieve due to the popularity of 20-20 cricket so we can say that it’s an unbreakable record. The legends like Shen Warn & Anil Kumle told that he is genius & the record he achieved no one can break it no doubt about it, it’s truth while Murli told only Harbhajan Singh is going to break it but the mater fact Harbhajan Singh is nearly Half way behind him & struggling to get his line & length, I don’t think he is the right person to achieve the target of 800 wickets in world cricket.
At last I would like to say that Mulidharan is a miracle of world cricket & his record is also a miracle so there is none like Murlidharan. He is really great. What he did for his nation that none of the player ever did for his nation? Without any hesitation I am saying that he is the reformer of Srilankan cricket & he taught Srlankan team how to win because Murli has taken 40% wickets of Srlankan history while whole Srlankan Bowlers taken 60%. This figure shows clearly that he is the greatest player of Srilankan Team & best bowler of the world cricket.
As Alexander the great now Murli the great


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