July 06, 2010

Why the Bhopal Gas Victims still didn’t get their compensation?

Do you know - Why the Bhopal Gas Victims still didn’t get their compensation? While UCIL is already paid the compensation of $ 470 million 26 year back, while only part of it distributed to the victims, what about the rest amount? If you will keep the same amount in bank for 26 year the amount will be increase to 5 time of the original amount means that compensation amount is now $ 2350 million. The victims deserve the $ 2350 million as compensation not the original amount, who will pay the interest of 26 year? No doubt govt have to pay the amount but see the govt’s enhanced compensation package for the gas victims only 1265.56 cr which is one third of the original amount.
I think our govt planning to delay more 25 year to pay the victims compensation to double the amount from $2350 million to $4700 million. Great thinking & great politics.
Bhopal Gass Tragedy which affected more than six lakh people & killed -, 26 year back while the victims are still fighting for their compensation & the group of ministry, leading by the Home Minster P. Chitambram doing the drama in front of the common people for giving justice with in 10 days while the prime accuse is Congress senior leader Arjun Singh who caught red handed in camera while helping Warren Anderson to flew away from India why not punishment to seiner congress leader Arjun Singh who betrayed our nation for money as Wren Anderson given 4 cr to his NGO. He is also a terrorist, why govt is silent on this mater? Why our govt kept silent for 26 year? Why only apart of compensation distributed to the victims? Why Warren Anderson got freedom? Above all questions giving the clear indication that every one is a culprit of Bhopal Gas Victims in the ruling govt either its state govt or central govt & they must be punished for their devilish work.
At last I would like say common people should understand the dirty game of politics to see the drama of politicians so please cast your precious votes to the right person rather than the dishonest & corrupt politicians. This is the only solution to Bhopal Gas Tragedy & to prevent such deadly incident in our nation.


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