July 06, 2010

Fatwa on Dogs is an insult of Islam?

It’s known to every one that Darud-ul-Walima issued a series of fatwa on women community first for modeling than for working but this time fatwa is not issued on women & Darud-ul-Walima is not the culprit for issuing fatwa.
According to Javan Daily, An Iranian cleric Grand Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirazi issued a fatwa on dogs saying that "Dog’s are unclean & should not be kept as pets, he also added that friendship with dog’s is a blind imitation of the west, there are lots of people in the west who love their dog’s more than wives & children". On the other hand dogs are said to be the most honest animal & Islamic religious books Hadith saying that "we can learn imandari & wafadari from dogs" which is a jewelry of pure Musalman. You see dogs are never harming common people, I am talking about street dogs, and they are protecting our home from thieves & always obeying his master. Now compare dogs with human being now a days human being are said be the most dishonest creature they don’t know the meaning of honesty & trustworthiness, they are cheating & killing is other for the greed of money, after watching the acts of human being around the world you can say that they are worst than animals so how far its justified to saying that dogs are unclean & keeping them as pets is against of Islam. I think Fatwa should be issued over human being for their dishonesty & cruel nature.
At last I would like to say that issuing such fatwa is the insult of Fatwa as well as Islam so please think no of times while issuing a fatwa over anything, it’s my personal request to all of you who misusing their power to issue such foolish fatwa & insulting Islam.


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