July 10, 2010

The poverty of Politics

A famous proverb about Politics that “Politics is a dirty game” & no doubt about that polities is a dirty game as corruption & politics is linked together you can say that corruption & politics are opposite side of a coin & they will never exit differently. You see, now days 99% politicians are corrupted doesn’t mater its India or other nation. I would like to rewind you some corrupted leaders name as Myawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Yadav, Shibu Soren, Narshimaha RAO, Arjun Singh, Bal Thackeray, A.Raja, Sajan Kumar &many more if I will right their name than I have to right a book which I don’t want. Mayawati & Mulayam Singh both of them started their carrier being a teacher but now they are turned into a milliner. An Mp whose official salary is 16k how he or she became a milliner? I will give you the answer later. Now come to Former Railway Minster who is the prime accuse of “Chara Ghotala”, scam amount 400 cr, moving freely with z class security, I think this is the only way which will make a teacher into a milliner & nothing else. As the mater fact there is no short cut towards success & the short cut way is nothing but only corruption. As I have seen practically in my life one of a person in my locality assembly fought election & became a word counselor, you know with in a month he won his house, car & business, what made him richer do you know he was involved in a scam now he is moving freely & living happily & investigation is on from 5 year. Now come to Shibu Soren former Chief Minister of Jharkhand accuse of a three murder case got clean chit & moving freely with z class security. Now come to Sajan Kumar who is prime accuse of 1984 Sikh riots, still investigation is on & he is moving freely similarly Jagdish Titler & Narendera Modi moving freely as their name came for rioting. Now come to Sarad Pawer & Sashi Tharoor, their name came with IPL connection both of them denying publicly that they are innocent while avidness not proving their innocence.
At last I would like to say that Gandhi Jee wore “Khadi” to serve humanity & nation but modern leaders are wearing Kahadi to became a milliner, this is the irony & poverty of politics.


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