July 06, 2010

No solution to Inflation?

Politicians are good speakers, the world knows about it, so see the great example of our PM, It’s known to you that PM Manmohan Singh addressed a press conference during eve of UPA 2nd 1 year promised to solve 5 main problem of India including Inflation. I would like to rewind you again what PM told about Inflation? Its known to you that “ PM promised that Inflation will be reach 5% to 6% percent by December 2010 but no shine of fulfillment promise but situation going waste as the day progressing as Inflation reached to the double digit figure while food inflation is already near to 20%. Its saying that “every black having a sliver lining” but for common men silver lining is night mare which is never going to be fulfilled, no respite for common men as we are already struggling to survive in rocket high inflation & our govt done another blunder to hike the fuel prices, At fast CNG which results the increase in Auto & Taxi fare & Now petrol Rs 3.50, Diesel 2 rupee, Kerosene 3 rupee & cooking gas 35 rupee respectively as the mater fact fuel price always effects market no doubt with in week we people will here the good news of fare price hike as well as food material & others too. Great Job Indian Govt as I have heard from one of the political leaders saying that why we will give subsidy to common men, my replay to him you people are not giving subsidy from your pocket. During election you are asking for Votes that time we people will give the similar answer that “Why we will give you votes so wait & watch for our turn”. The way price is raising day by day that day is not far when we will see triple digit inflation rate that time 50% people will die due to Inflation & that’s what our govt want, kill common men & rule for ever. There cruel development programs giving the indication of their mentality. You see our govt spent million of rupees behind games but when its turn for common man, it’s cutting down on basics like petrol & cooking gas. Due to govt’s poor plane rich going richer while poor & middle class is struggling to survive. According to TOI( 25 JUNE 2010, P-15)that 120k rich Indians holds a third of national income, This figure saying clearly that this govt is not for the common man but for only rich peoples.
At last I would like to say that this govt don’t want rule again in India that’s why they have started such programs to earn money once, I think this is our fault that we have casted our votes to them, they are doing their work, Keep it up, well done.


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