July 06, 2010

Indo- Pak Peace Project is a drama or Reality?

I think it’s known to every one that PM Manmohan Singh promised to whole nation to establish peace between Indo-Pak while addressing to a press conference. Now question arise that is Indo-Pak peace is possible or our PM is trying to do an impossible thing? Let’s check out what is the fact..
As far as I concern our govt is trying to do an impossible thing into possible, you see our history is the great example that when ever our nation starched his hand for friendship every time Pakistan given bomb in our hand. You see the Mastermind of 26/11 Hafiz Saeed, who is moving freely in Pakistan while Indian govt given enough evidence regarding his crime but Pak Supreme Court freed him saying that due to lack of evidence we are giving clean chit to Saeed. This is not the first time when Pakistan guilty but every time when ever a bomb blast took place in India, its root is always connected to Pakistan. On the other hand violence in the border is very much common; in every week or month you will find news about firing in Boarder & no of BSF jawen are giving their life in LOC. You see this time when Home Minister P.Chitambram went to Pak for peace talk & violence broke out in Kashmir & finally in gun point peace established in Kashmir but I don’t know why our govt always going for friendship? Might be some politics is going on behind this.
I would like to ask you question when the Great leaders like Gandhi & Nehru failed to establish peace between Indo-Pak , why our govt is trying to do it, which no more than mirage in desert or it’s a political agenda of Indian govt which is never going to be solved. I must want to rewind you the statement of Parweez Musarf, the former President of Pakistan that “If I want you rule in Pakistan than I bound to raise the Kashmir issue”, this statement clearly showing that Indo-Pak peace is nothing but a political agenda which is never going to be solved& none govt is ready to solve it, you see in every Indo-Pak meting both nation are raising different issue, when India is talking about Terrorism Pak is talking about Kashmir Issue that means its drama of both nations to establish peace due to US pressure but the mater of fact no one likes peace.
Do you know why? This is because if this agenda will get solved than how both nations will blame each other, how they will hide their weakness in front of the world. Finally no solution to Indo-Pak peace project,
Keep up the spirit, Keep Fighting


  1. These acts are nothing more than a Political Gimmicks. When pressure comes from powerful nations to balance the power equation of sub continent. Our political leaders start with a peace talk drama. I think this time also same thing is going on. If I am wrong than I would be the happiest person to see peace between to nation which are very much identical in all aspects of life...