July 06, 2010

Hinduism is lost & Islamism is alive ?

In modern age Hinduism is lost from the heart of Hindu community, they are only doing the drama of devotion, people are totally forgotten our culture, we are only Hindu by name not by deeds. I think you all have seen in moves & in the reality show or comedy show where we Hindu are insulting our god & goddess making fun over them especially on Ramayana or Maharat, not only the young people but also children are doing the same thing this is really shameful for Hindu community. Being a Hindu I feel ashamed of my self when a Hindu insults Hinduism & beliefs. Today’s people reached to lowest level of their animal instinct as they are making fun over our Gods & Goddess. Some people are hanging the posters of our god & goddess on their wall to prevent people not to urine their, people are throwing the holy images of our ideals on the road & people are going over them. We people are going towards destruction due to our work, the crime; corruption in our society is the great example of our destruction. Today children are not respecting their elders this because of the death of Hinduism from our heart parents are not ready give them good culture which is the foundation of character & bright future. They are only interested to give them good education & in old age they are getting their reward when an uncultured children leaving them in Anath Asram or any religious place in miserable condition. Hinduism is the best religion of the world & world knows it so wake up Hindus for the shake of your bright future; teach your children, what is Hinduism? If he will understand that he will never disrespect you or never face setback in life. You see we Hindus are fighting to make a shrine in Aoyadgya on the other hand insulting publicly Hinduism, what we will do to make a temple when we don’t know to respect our religion. Hinduism not about making temples but to follow its beliefs, I think this is drama of Hindu community on the name of religion.
At last I would lie to say that I really appreciate Muslims because of their devotion & respect towards Islam, if some one raise a voice against Islam or trying to insult Islam & Prophet Mohammad millions of people are ready to protest against them. The world is addressing them as narrow minded but I love & respect their feelings & sentiments with Islam. The quality Muslim people kept we Hindus are far way from them needs to go long distance to reach them. Very strange We Hindus became advance after insulting our god, goddess& religion on the other hand Muslims became backward to respect their religion & prophet than I love this backwardness which comes to respect my religion & Ideals. You know my blood started to boil when some on insult Hinduism & our god & goddesses publicly, this is the shine of a real Hindu & that’s what we have to bring in our heart to save Hinduism as well as world other wise the last day is waiting for us as calamity of nature. When some don’t know to respect the creator he has no right to leave &nature is doing the justice as earth quack, floods, storms, draughts, Tsunami etc.
So its request of mine to all Hindus to respect Hinduism & its belief, if you don’t want to respect then you have no right to insult it. So please, please stop your dirty work & spare Hinduism.


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