July 25, 2010

Politicians are corrupted or citizens?

It's so easy to say politicians are corrupted did we ever thought how corrupted we are? you see how dishonesty we are? who is doing Electricity theft, who is a tax defaulter & loan defaulter? Misusing public property, it's our habit & showing dishonesty in our work our duty. If I am lying than look up at yourself I think you will get the answer. you see in market nothing is pure we people are selling duplicate products just like duplicate dairy products, duplicate cold drinks , duplicate cosmetics, even if the vegetables & fruits we are eating they are also duplicate means every thing is duplicate on the other hand you see the condition of our public properties like school, collage, parks, monuments & visiting places, you will get to know how we are utilizing it. where is honesty on the other hand you see the behavior of common men how they are behaving on the road, it's equivalent to an animal we ready to fight for coin, I think you all have seen such dirty sights on the road, how we are breaking the traffic rules . We are equivalent to a illiterate or you can say in Hindi "Padh likha gawar" means literate but a fool.
I think it's very much familiar to you & every day we are looking the news of our dishonesty in media. If we are not honest than why we are always expecting our leader will be a sent when we are dishonest. the dishonest citizens always gets a dishonest leader because they are also the part of our society.
At last I would like to say that everybody want to change the society but nobody wants to change himself". This is the main reason behind the corruption in society & politics. As the mater fact we have no right to blame, complain & criticize on politicians because we people are responsible of their wrong deeds as given are precious votes to such leaders & we have elected them to rule our nation & state. As the mater fact they are doing their duty, we forgotten our duty.
So please please cat your votes to the right candidate rather than the corrupted leaders. This is the only solution to corruption & in this way only we can make a corruption free & crime free society.