July 06, 2010

Taliban in New Delhi?

See the cruel work of Taliban in Delhi. Monica, Khooshboo & Kuldeep, who lived in Wazirpur New Delhi, who were the culprit for doing inter cast marriage, they were killed by their brothers named Mandeep, Ankit & Nakul while victims uncle said addressing to Media that “Samaj Ke liye yeh murder Zaroori tha……is kaam se in larkon ne sahi me ek achcha udaharan pesh kiya hain”(you may consider killing of an individual wrong but so for society, it was necessary. These young sters have set a good example.) With in 48 hours three honor killing in a raw shacked the law & order of capital as well as raised a question mark on human rights & our democracy that a person got death sentence from the society because of their love. You can say that these people are eqvalent to Talibanians who are playing the game of blood for their false ego & respect in society. Is their any honor their family got after killing Monica, Khooshboo & Kuldeep? But situation turned more complicated & the world is watching their family drama & criticizing their work. Three brothers Mandeep, Ankit & Nakul are now in jail enjoying the fruit of their deeds & his uncle also arrested by police for his cruel statement.
Is this honor? Where the future of their family resting behind the bars & waiting for their dark future saying that we killed them because local used to taunt them, now see which is good their taunt or jail. Come on India grow up, don’t kill your life because of your false ego, respect & society. Today’s people have no work, they only know to criticize, complain & blame, and these are the work of foolish people why are you destroying your future behind them.
At last I would like to say that in Delhi might be honor killing surprised every one & its media who played sea tanker role to high light these issue & culprits got their reward but what about other states where media is not active like our capital as I have seen in the states like Orissa, Bihar & UP where people are that much narrow minded that if some one commented on a female of their family they are not worrying about their future & ready to kill the culprit so no body dares to do inter cast marriage here & those who trying this always getting death sentence from society.
This is India my dear
Honor killing is a incurable disease in India as the mater of fact our development is a theory our mentality is still like those illiterate people who living in jungle & don’t know the meaning of civilization. I think the culprits of honor killing are eqvalent Talibanians, they should be treated like terrorists, hang them publicly & the world will draw the lesson & no one dare to do this in future. I think this is the only way to mend the society.


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