July 10, 2010

Kasmir is burning, who is culprit?

The heaven of world Kasmir now turned into a hail due to violence; this is the fifth day of curfew in the valley. Violence broke out in kasmir while Home minister P. Chtambram was in Pakistan for Indo-Pak peace project, as 30k protesters came on the road to protest against solders many civilians & BSF solders lost their life in Violence? Later Huriyat Leader arrested for making conspiracy against nation & Hizb-ul-mujahidin also behind this violence
Now question arises who is culprit? Citizens, Pakistan, India, Huriyat or Solders? Let’s check out first come to the citizens, As I have read a news paper survey that only 10% people want to stay in Indian, 10% in Pakistan & 80% want to stay independent means the citizens are the main culprit who don’t want to be part of India that’s why they are protesting openly & playing with law &order.
The violence between BSF & citizens results the death of many Kasmiri citizens & later they are blaming BSF for death now question arises if 30k people will through stones on a troop than what they will do to save their life? Every one will do the same thing what BSF did; now point to be note out what is the need of going out of house during curfew? Curfew means shoot at sight than risking their own life behind an impossible thing. I think Kasmir people should understand that Kasmir is the head of India & with out head a human being doesn’t exit like without Kasmir India will not exit so Kasmir people should forget about independent statues of Kasmir not talk about inclusion in Pakistan,
At last I would like to say that if Kasmir people are breathing openly & safe in home this is the blessing of India & BSF other wise they will face the similar situation what Pakistanis are facing in Pakistan as the mater fact Kasmir is not safe with Pakistan or Independently, Kasmir is safe with India & only India so as quickly Kasmir people will learn the lesson that is better for their future. What India can give you none can give you so don’t be a fool behind your leaders, be an Indian & keep up the sprite, Keep saying Jia Bharat, Jai Hind.
Proud to be an Indian


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