July 10, 2010

Delhi:-The Cultural Desert

The Heart & the capital of India Delhi which going to host Common Wealth Game 2010. I am very sorry to say this heart is also desert of culture. You can say that Delhiities don’t know the meaning of culture, do you know why? This is because Delhi doesn’t having an independent culture like all the state having like Bhiar, Orissa, Punjab, Haryana & Rajasthan etc. Most of the people are from the other states like Bihar, Haryana, Orissa, Punjab, Rajesthan & U.P OR from south India so Delhi having a cocktail of culture & the mater fact cocktail never be good. This is the main reason behind delhiites poor culture. I have done my schooling from Orissa & I am giving you the great example of this state’s culture that I have never seen woman traveling without seat in a bus or a train, it’s culture that gives respect to women society & it’s my child habit I always offer my seat to women or any one who is needful so when I came to Delhi 5 year back, I behaved according to my culture but I faced criticism & also got some useful advice from the Delhiites that “Gandhi Badi chod the ager Delhi me rahana chata hai” You see this is the culture of Delhi, you travel in a train, bus or metro, you will easily find out the shameless creature sitting on the reserved seats of Ladies, seiner citizens or physically handicap & don’t ready to offer their seats to the deserving person, if you will argue with them they will ready to fight with you what you will address them “Padha likha gawar” or what?
On the other hand traffic rules are useless for Delhiites as they get habituated not to follow the traffic rules. If I am lying than come to Delhi you will watch out the complete movie, I am only showing you the trailer.
According to the survey of Delhi govt 90% women are unsafe in Delhi particularly the public places like Bus stops, metros, shopping malls, parks, markets, schools or collages means none of the place is safe for women on the other hand crime is increasing as the day progressing not only sex related crime but also murder, theft, Robbery & corruption. Now a days, It’s difficult to find want a honest & well cultured person as I already spent 5 year in Delhi I never came across a honest & wise man, I am saying the bitter truth about Delhiites, as far as I concern 99% people from Delhi are corrupted & cheaters. You can’t dare to trust on them.
This is the culture of Delhi
I don’t know what type of impression our behavior will put on other nation & what they will think about Indians when they will come to India ironically which is going to host in Delhi. I think govt should start public awareness programs to teach the A, B, and C of culture to the Delhiites or strict rules should be bring in to act for the uncultured persons. This is the only solution to the pollution of Delhi.