July 09, 2010

Octopus Paul :-The God of Football

Watch in action the The God of Football
The world know the God of cricket Sachin, You might be thinking God of football Marodona no not Marodona, than who is the God of football? Answer is none other than the miracle of modern age "Octopus Paul :-The God of Football" now question arise how a an animal became the God of football? You see Octopus Paul prediction, so far Paul predicted 12 times & out of 12, Paul predicted 11 correctly & Today he predicted that Spain will be the winner of Fifa world cup 2010, Holland & Germany will be 2nd & 3rd respectably.
Paul's correct prediction created allots of fans around the world as well enemy too. as many football lovers want to kill Octopus Paul as their team lost in the world cup.
I think it's known to you that Octopus Paul predicted correctly in last world cup but in final he failed to predict correctly now question arise why he failed in final? Is this the sign of match fixing or conspiracy of bookies? God knows batter as people are thinking that Octopus Paul might be fail to predict correctly if he fails than bookies will get benefit, let's See what hidden in future if Octopus Paul will fail to predict correctly than no doubt it will be a conspiracy of bookies. Let's see what happening on Sunday
On that other hand if you go through science animals don't have the power to recognize colors while according to media report Octopus Paul predicting to see the colors of flags this also creating the greatest suspicion about Octopus Paul's work.
At last I would like to say that God is great so any thing is possible in this world, hope in that Octopus Paul will be the hero of Fifa world cup 2010 if Spain will win Fifa world cup 2010.
Enjoy the final of Fifa world cup 2010 on Sunday.


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