July 10, 2010

Afzal Guru is the Son-in-law of congress?

B.J.P. Chief Nitin Gadkari said while addressing to media that “Afzal Guru is the Son-in-law of congress” which became headline of every news channels & news papers, in revert of that congress asked Gadkari to bag apology while Gadkari denied to bag apology & defended himself saying that “he is not wrong” & asked congress to bag apology to the nation for not hanging Afzal from 6 year. Now we have to decide that Gadkari is right or wrong? Answer will come yes he is 100% correct, he is saying the bitter truth not doing any publicity stunt which I heard in media. Gadkari’s statement is not a political opinion but the voice of common men. I think every Indian heart will ask the same question to UPA govt that why Afjal Guru is still alive after 6 year of his sin & why Kasab is alive after 1 year of his sin. Why not fast truck court for them? Why govt is spending millions of rupees behind them which is the assert of nation not the assert of political parties.
I think govt want to celebrate the silver juggle & Golden juggle of their sin as already we have a great example of Bhopal Gas Tragedy that after 16 year of the greatest industrial disaster victims are still fighting for the compensation & govt is silent while Warren Anderson already paid $470 million compensation amount 26 year back. Is this the work of a govt? Where citizens are suffering & culprits are moving freely or enjoying the luxurious life behind the bars. Inflation reached to double digit figure, if UPA govt will continue than that day is not far when inflation will touch to triple digit. Common is suffering from rocket high inflation, our govt spending millions rupees behind games saying that common men should cut their pocket for games & development on the other hand our govt increased the salary of MPs from 16k to 80 k means increment is approximately 6 time of the salary. Now come to the development, this is the slogan of our govt, the first rain of Manson shown the clear picture of development as floods in Punjab, heavy water logging in Delhi & Mumbai & the roads caves in due to rain, every year similar situation created every where not only in Delhi or Mumbai on the other hand still we are facing power cuts & water scarcity in summer. This is the story of our capital & our cities.
Is this development? Please think over it, if it is development than what is backwardness? I think India will never develop till our politicians will not stop their dirty politics. I am sure if our politicians will correct themselves we will be the best in the world.
So please please change yourself rather than nation


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