July 05, 2010

Saina's Mission No 1 Is on........

Saina's mission no 1 is on & Saina's back-to-back title triumphs at the India Open Grand Prix and the Singapore Open Super Series respectively helped her to reach world no 3 I am sure soon she will be no 1 her hard labour & determination along with consistent best performance giving the clear indication of its future.

I really appreciate that she has given all credit to his coach Sir Gopi Chand for her achievement & also told still she is not perfect this is the shine of a great player who keeps cool every time.
Thank God that she changed her mind & concentrated on her game as her previous statement that she like acting & wants act really bad for future as the matter fact she is not fit for Bollywood & this thinking is nothing but bring destruction for her.
Now Harayana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda offered DSP post to Sania Nehwal for her achievement, which is looking like big jock or nothing else. A sports person who serving her nation honestly why she will became a DSP as the mater fact police department is symbol of dishonesty.
Sania has to understand that Badminton is her foundation which brought her on that stage taht she is getting such offers from Bollywood or Police department or from IPL team so she must think about her foundation rather than building. Badminton is her sign not Bollywood , Police or IPL so must carry on as sports person & bring pride for nation.
I think she has draw lesson from Sania Mirza how she destroyed her carrier due to bollywood influence. Keep away from Bollywood if you want to No 1.


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