February 06, 2010


Is privatization of govt sector essential for our development? I think no doubt that privatization will bring the deference for Indians. You see now a day the growth of private sector is 100 times better than govt sector. If I am lying than see the development of private banks & govt banks. The growth of private banks is so high & faster than govt banks. Do you know why it is? This is because of the employees of the private organization. They are punctual, honest &efficient towards their duty. You know why they are honest because of the insecure job. Insecure jobs always compel employees to give his best to hold the job as well as to grow faster. While secure jobs make employees dishonest & Lazy because they no one can kick out them in spite of suspension. This job security is the main obstruction in growth of govt sector. As I have seen from my own eyes that how govt sector is working in India. The employees are coming on 12 pm while their session starts on 10 am & working like tortoise. Their behavior reflects that they are favoring to nation to work their. If don’t believe visit any of our govt sector you will find the ugly site so sweetly. Being an Indian I took 10 year to open a bank account in SBI while I opened my first bank account in HDFC at the same day. This is the great example of our govt sectors working procedure.
At last I would like to say that this bloody govt sector made the Indians dishonest & lazy. The dishonesty & laziness of citizens stops the growth of country. So if we want to grow like USA, UK, USSR & Other developed nation. It is possible through the privatization of govt sector & nothing alse


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