February 06, 2010


At first I am congratulating music director Mr. A.R.REHMAN win over to Grammy award & two Oscar award than congratulating Indian actors Mahesh Mangraker, Anil Kapoor, Frieda Pinto & Irafan Khan for winning Oscar award for “Slaum Dog milliner.” You see actor Anil Kapoor’s statement that “wining Oscar is the best moment of my life & Slum dog milliner is my best movie”. Indeed it’s a great achievement to win Oscar award while representing India with more than 100 millions population. In reality Slum dog milliner represents the worst condition of India in front of the world while India is developing country & our It sectors like Kanpur & Khadak pur is better than the IT sectors of US & UK. The world knows that India is the part of G8 & G20 submits & we are having the biggest business market of the world so every nation like to get into the India market. Foreign companies are earning millions of rupees from India. I think this movie is not a reality but a fiction only to blame India. Still no of countries are in this world whose condition is 100 time worst than India where a person killing each other for revival, the country like Taiwan & Haiti are the great example. Every nation has their dark side & bad phase which is hidden to others. World knows that before British rule India is known to others as a “Sone ki chidiya” means the golden bird. The 300 years of British rule destroyed India & took India 300 years back. Briteshers are responsible for India’s backwardness & poor condition. They became richer after robbing India as a famous proverb “chori or sinajori” means “showing eye after crime”. So in spite of showing the real culprit in the movie director blamed Indians for this condition which is unjustified. I think movie “Slum dog milliner” is a third class jock and its success is foolishness of viewers. Director Danny Boyle is a foreigner may be he don’t know the reality but Indian actors like Mahesh Mangraker, Anil Kapoor, Frieda Pinto, Irafan Khan & music director A.R.Rahman, they don’t know who is responsible for India’s backwardness. They are thinking that they are great that’s why they won Oscar award but in reality the role of Indian actors’ in the movie is equivalent to nothing & what to talk about acting. As the mater of fact director Danny Boyle used Indian actors as a weapon in the movie to justify the movie in reality & its workout like a magic behind the success of the movie. Indian actors & Indians are felling proud to win Oscar & Grammy award on behalf of “Slum dog milliner” while it’s a mater of shame for Indians not honor because this movie shows the ugly image of Indians in front of the whole world. I think a true Indian never like to work in such a movie which represents ugliness of Indians.
At last I would like to say that “Slum dog milliner” is an insult of India & Indians while feeling proud to win Oscar on behalf the movie is a mater of shame for Indian actors. According to saying “Apni izzat ki dhajiya udake Oscar jitna kaha tak samajdari hai” means winning Oscar on behalf your ugly image is a mater of shame not honor. I think actors never understand that because they can do any thing for money & publicity. Self respect & nation is nothing to them while money & publicity is every thing to them.


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