February 06, 2010


Through this article I would like to answer MR Chatan Bhagat , The best seller Novelist . As he written against “Marathi language is required for taxi drivers in Maharashtra” in his article “My country My community” addressing to TOI. He also claimed on Maharashtra govt that “divisive politics is alive in and kicking in our country”. Chatan I think you also know about that communism is not only in Maharashtra but also in every state of India as well as in every country of the world. The torturing of the majority to the minority is very much common in India & all over the world. As I completed my schooling from Orissa, graduated from Bihar & working in Delhi so I have seen practically that how communism flourish everywhere? This mater tuned into controversy because Maharashtra govt highlighted to everyone. Every state doing the same thing but that is behind the shadow. What Bihar & UP people are doing with the other state people in their own state that is equivalent to nothing in Maharastra. Marthies only threaten north indians & insulted only while I have seen in Bihar that Bihares created such situation that nobody likes to stay in Bihar. Specially those who belongs to other state, if I am lying than go & stay in Bihar. I think communism is incurable disease in India. If you don’t believe visit any of the state in India, people will ask your cast, religion & state before your name. As the mater fact, we are Indian than what is the need to ask such question? Still in India a Bihari supports a Bihari, Oriya to Oriya, Panjabi to Panjabi, Muslim to Muslim than why not Marathi to Marathi. You see the statement of former Railway Minister Mr Lalu Prasad Yadev addressing to “Sare Gama” TV show. He offered only singer Poonam Yadev because of the “Yadev” and told her that “If she fails to win singing contest than he will give him a job in Indian Railway”. Now Rahul Gandhi’s statement “why not Muslim PM”? This is also communism, if we are Indian than what is the use to say like this. As Gandhi Ji believes in “world citizenship” and according to him world citizenship means “ An individual needs to work for the development of his family, family to village, village to town, town to district, district to state, state to country & country to world doesn’t mater where he lives either in India or abroad. I think this act is also world citizenship where Maharashtra govt working to improve the condition of Marathi. As north Indians having good jobs in Maharashtra & enjoying a luxurious life on the other hand Marathi are not getting job in their own state due to the policy of private companies that “They are not hiring the underdogs”. Just try to understand that how Marathi will survive in Maharashtra? The racist attacks on Indians in Australia also having the same motto like Marathi to attack Indians. It shows that communism is flourishing in the whole world.
At last I would like to say that India is a secular country & 2nd most populated country in the world so you can’t fight with communism & can’t stop it because it’s our culture & habit. Its also in our blood to support our own community either he is wrong or right. If you don’t believe than realize it, whenever we hear our native language from a stranger a smile comes on our face & we want to interact with him so in India community first than country till we will not change our mentality. As the mater of fact I feel very proud to being an Oriya rather than Indian to see the behavior of Bihari & delhiites. “Proud to be an Indian” is the dialog of Indians not the feelings so proud to be Oriya, Proud to be Marathi, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind.


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