February 21, 2010


India is the country where children are not following their father, do you know about which father I am talking about , he is none other than our father of nation Mahatma Gandhi & his poor children means we Indians &every one knows that no one likes to follow Gandhism. Now a day Gandhism is a mater of fun for Indians, as we are addressing Gandhi ji as our father than its our duty to follow him but those who following Gandhism people are commenting like this “bada aya Gandhi badi, ya kal yog hai” just see how poor we children are! Bapu served our nation through out his life like a true patriot & taken nothing in return but given us the sweet gift of freedom & even if he sacrificed his Gandhi title to hid children & his children are using his surname with their name to win election & nobody knows his family after his death. A great patriot who given his everything to his nation & its people selflessly but no one is ready to respect him, respect means not to publish his photo in our currency or making statues inside the road or in front of the govt organization & offering flowers during his birth & death anniversary. Is this the real respect of a great father? No, this is not the real respect but the real respect is to follow his advice in our life. According to Gandhi ji “Non-violence is the law of life” & he followed it through out his life through word, action & deeds but we people are doing totally different & our thought is “violence is the law of life” & violence reflects through our every action, word & deeds. You see the news papers & news channels you will get the answer that how far I am right.
According to Gandhi ji “Truth is the only weapon I have”& he did the miracle with this weapon & given us freedom but we people believe that “Lie is the only weapon we have” this means lie can make difference for us while truth can’t do it. You see our politicians, how they are lying to us since our freedom to solve common man problems like, poverty, inflation, electricity, unemployment & many more but these are still unsolved puzzles.
A t last I would like to say the real homage to our great father is nothing but to follow gandhism & I think, this will bring difference for us & for our nation, If we will follow him than the day is not far when India will be the best country in the world because truth is God & God is truth as “Satyam shivam sundram” & only God can do the miracle so be true.


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