February 17, 2010


I am asking all of you which is important for us protection from terrorist attack or the release of My name is khan? I think no doubt our answer will be protection from terrorist attack but to see the act of common men & our defense ministry, its looking like that My name is khan is more important than our nation. You see the protest of common man to support Shahrukh Khan with slogan "SRK we are with you" & the protection of every theater by our security agency showing that what we want & our govt. While every one is busy behind SRK & his movie my name is khan, terrorists got chance & the result is in front of us, bomb blast in German bakery, Pune & no of innocent people lost their precious life. Hijbul-Mujhidin leader already threaten that " our jihad will be on against India till we will not get a solution over Kashmir Issue" but our govt taken it carelessly & we people are suffering. I don't know what our political leaders are want to do? You see now every one is silent after the bomb blast, either its Sena or MNS, Govt or common men. I am asking what happened to all of you? why you kept silent? carry on, protest & support SRK & his film, My name is khan & wait for no of terrorist attacks. Sena & SRK making you fool & you are fooling, please come in to sense that its publicity stunt only & nothing else. If don't believe me that just wait for some time you will find both SRK & Sena together soon. Than you realize your foolishness. You see SRK got a record breaking opening in his film "My name is khan" with help of Sena & MNS while we people got what? German Bakery bomb blast! great job.
At last I would like to say that we people are equally responsible for this bomb blast because we Indian never understood our responsibility to being a citizen, in spite of blaming others we know nothing. Just see a country where politicians & common man are fighting with each other & playing with the law & order, do you think, their is any good future of that nation. While we are suffering from inflation & terrorism, how far justified to think about SRK & his movie My name is khan. Please use your mind act like human being other wise, we will be the next Pakistan.


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