February 24, 2010


You see as the day progresses the inflation is increasing like a wild fire & none is able to find the solution of this great problem. Every black cloud having a silver lining while for common man silver lining is just like mirage & nothing else on the other hand the false promise of political parties to control inflation just like a big jock. I think you all have seen the the in the news channels that millions of tone sugar is present in the port while govt is showing the scarcity of sugar, why govt is not sending this sugar in market & for what they are waiting? This is not only about the sugar but regarding every food material. According to TOI as they investigated from mandi to market they come to know that their is no shortage of food material while this year production is batter than last year, Above all incidence indicates that "Daal ma kuch kala hai ya puri dal he kala hai". As every one knows that this inflation is the result of black marketing of food martial & nothing else but what govt don't know what going on or in this way they want to create another agenda fro next election. This govt is not for the common man this is only fro the rich people you see the the rich getting richer while the poor are still in miserable condition.I think next god has to come to solve this unsolved puzzle.
At last I would like to say that this inflation is nothing else a part of dirty politics & no relief to the common man till they will not stop their dirty game. Lastly praying to god on behalf of common man that "O" God please help us from inflation & dirty politics.


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