February 06, 2010


Remembering the words of a stranger that “Paisa khuda to nahe, lekin khuda ki kasam khuda se kam bhi nahe” means money is not God but not less than God. These words are matching with the present condition of Indian Hockey. You see the protest of hockey players to fulfill their demands either it men or women team. Finally Indian Hockey federation & Govt fulfilled their demands to pay them money. Now it’s turn for Indian women hockey team to protest for money, they refused to accept the prize money of Rs-50,000 each for nineteen players & demand Rs 1 lakh for their gold medal in Kazan Champions Challenge & silver in Asia cup (became its world cup qualifier), RS 50,000 for test series win over Chili & Rs 20,000 for drawn series against Afghanistan. Now Girls denied the check of 50,000 & opened a joint account & asked public to help them. Just imagine how far a person can go for money. This is really shameful act Hockey players to sick help from public & an insult of national game Hockey as well as our nation. The way Men Hockey protested, its good but taking the mater directly to the public without giving chance to Hockey federation & govt is totally shameful act of women hockey players and Being an Indian I am totally against of it. If you people are playing for money only than its better to open a grocery shop. Sports are not for money but for the pride of nation. We know why you people are reacting in this way? As the mater of fact to see the money in cricket but you have forgotten that if cricketers are getting money today this is because of their hard work & consistence good performance in International cricket. I would like to take you in the time when India cricket team won the world cup & BCCI have no money to pay the winning players as a reward to see the poor condition of Indian cricket singer Lata Mangesker sang song for cricketers & what ever money came she distributed among the players. I think Indian Hockey team never gone through such bad phase due to recommended as our national game. You see now a day BCCI is the richest board among the all cricketing nations due to the best performance of Indian cricketers In world cricket & their no 1 spot in test cricket & 2nd spot in ODI proves that I am not wrong.
At last I would like to say that “Hockey India” can also make money like Indian Cricketers if they perform their best like cricketers because success always brings money & name & fame together so in spite of focusing on money & cricketers concentrate on good performance & achieve the No 1 rank in world Hockey. In fact "Money is the root of all evil" so don't go behind it, be honest & lovable, it will follow you.


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