February 15, 2010


Women power is the power of nation, you see with the advancement of society women got their right of living, now women are living happily to break the old tradition & barriers of society & working for the development of society. I think women play the most important role in development of a nation; you see the country like US, UK, USSR & Australia where women & man are treated equally in society that’s why they are the most developed nation in the world but in India, our society is male dominated society that’s why we are backward. We will not develop till women will not get equal right of living in society. According to a famous saying"Literate a man, literate an individual & literate a woman, literate a family”, its fact that an educated woman educate his whole family while a man have no time to do this. When a woman develops his family, family to village, village to town, town to district, district to state & state to nation. The main reason of our poverty & backwardness is illiteracy & this problem is the root of all other problems like population growth, unemployment, inflation, poverty, pollution, climate change, terrorism etc. So we need to educate women society to solve these complicated problems & to make our nation a problem free nation, just see some great women who dominated the society & nation like Mother Teresa, Sarojini Naido, lata Mangeskar, Rani Laxmi Bai, Kalpana Chowla, Sunita Willams, Sania Mirza, Indira Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Prativa patil etc. They are the great example, how women changed the society through their work.
At last I would like to say that women development is the development of nation so please let them breathe freely for the shake of mother India. As Gandhi ji told “we will became really free when our women can move freely at night”. I have a strong believe that when we all became literate, women will move freely without any fear & that time India will compete the nation like US & UK.


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