February 14, 2010


The word “Media” means the truth, the source which connects us with each other, society & to the world. Its real work is to highlight the corruptions of society in front of the common people & fight for the justice but now days, the media is playing a different role in society, they are looking for the mashala news means news which entertains people, they have no interest behind the truth & justice as example Ash & Abhishek visited Taj mahal, Amir spoken about Shahrukh, Shahrukh kahn ka apman, Aksay ne paint uteri, Katrina ne burkha pehana, Mika ne rakhi ko kiss kiya, Shilpa ka kiss, Sahid karena ka break up, Saif Kareena ka affair, Katrina ko fever etc & now my name is khan ka controversy, such news are very common every news paper & news channels. Due to their business minded mentality, they are showing their cruelty also as I have seen one incidence in a news channel that a family completely burned in a fire broke out except of a little child, you know, the reporter is asking him “apko kaisa lag raha hai” means how do you filling. I think you all have seen the dirty work of news channels in case of swine flue, this news is common in every news channels that “Aaj phir ek mouth swine flue se” means again death due to swine flue. Now see the Arushi murder case how media blamed the little girl & his family without any proves. The live telecast of bomb blast sites & showing the dead bodies of victims, it’s the great shine of their cruelty & they don’t care about the people’s emotions & pain, is this work of media? As they are playing with the emotions of common people for publicity of their news channels & for money. They ever tried to find out a terrorist or criminal, I think never, their main motto is publicity & money not justice & truth. I think our Media is a toy of politics & politicians are playing with it, that’s why they are never tried to highlight the truth & corruption of society.
At last I would like to say that a noble profession, its main motto is to fight for truth & justice & highlight the corruption of society in front of every one. So please understand your duty.


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