February 14, 2010


In reality acting is a noble profession where an actor or actress acts to bring forth the corruptions of society in front of the common people & sets an example in front of us, how to live with honesty & righteousness in life but now a days this profession turns towards money & publicity. They really don’t care, which type of impression their movie will create in front of us & what type of morale people will draw to see their character in movie. The present scenario of bollywood is nothing but the symbol of sex & violence. It’s affecting the society so badly just you see the growth in crime rate with development of Indian film industry. How far the bollywood stars & singers “Aman ki asha” is justified to bring peace, while they are responsible for violence. Now a days every Indian want to be like Amitav, Shahrukh, Salman, Ash & Priyanka no one want to be like Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Subash Bose, Vivakanand etc. Actors & actress plays a most important role to reform the society but now a day their every act is for money & publicity, which destroying the society. Their charity, love affairs, emotions as well as their visit to a shrine just a part of publicity, let’s see some famous controversies created by stars for publicity.
1-Katrina’s visit to Ajmer shrine, 2-Shahrukh & Salman’s security check issue,3-Salina’s support to gay community,4-Amir & Shahrukh’s conflict, 6-Shahid & karina, Salman & Ash, John & Bipasa, Saif & Kareena, Salman & Katrina’s love affair, 7- Rakhi & Mika kissing conflict, 8- Now Shahrukh & sena conflict.
Film stars are highlighting their personal relationship also for publicity. According to a famous saying"Act like you are living & live like you are acting”, I think film stars are following this saying in reality & living a life like they are acting. I am rewinding the statement of Super star Amitav Bachan that “Being an actor I forgotten, where to act or where to show my emotions” means to say became emotionless due to their profession. I am not convince with Big B because a human being never forgets his originality, doesn’t mater what ever he is by profession, in fact he knows what to do & how to do but shows knows nothing.
At last I would like to say, every one knows this bloody money & publicity made you emotionless not your profession so please don’t blame this noble profession. My suggestion to you “Life is not to act, life is to live while caring others emotions.”


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