February 14, 2010


Our children need good culture or good education? This question to every parent, who want to give good education for their bright future. I think no one things about good culture means nobody like to give their children good culture while good culture plays the most important role to brighten the children future. According to Gandhi ji “A good culture forms a good character "& through good culture, you can form good habits & good habits are the pillars of success. This is not only essential for an individual but also for the whole nation, you see the growth in corruption in every sector of society, this is nothing but the lake of good culture. A man with good culture & good character never is a criminal or the part of corruption. I think you all know about the shameful act of modern children that every year no of children are leaving their parents to die lonely in a religious place, orphan house. I am asking why? As they educated their children in the convent like DPS, Saint Michell, Saint Josef etc, this is because modern parents forgotten to give them good culture. If you are educating your children in a govt school & teaching them good culture, than your children never treat you like this as now a day modern children are doing with their parents. To see the cruelty of modern people, I think that day is not far when we people become animal due to the lake of culture & started to kill each other, according to the “Maya civilization” predicted about the destruction of the world.
At last I would like to say that children should taught morale value & good culture as optional subject like other subjects in the school. I think this is the only way to brighten our future as well as our nation & to make our society corruption free.


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