February 27, 2010


At first thanking Mr Achrekar Sir, who given us Sachin & Sachin has made the world record in world cricket after making the 1st double century in ODI cricket which made the world crazy behind him, the world all most kneel down in front of the great legend & singing the song together that “Sachin is great”, even if the Pakistani players who never like to praise Indian cricketers, unable to stop themselves to praise Sachin. You see what Matt Hayden told about Sachin “I have seen God, he bats at no 4 for India” The British media to hailed Tendulker as the finest batsman ever. The times remarked “All kneel down & praise what ever God you fancy for the mighty Sachin Tendulker” & now former England captain Nassir Hussain wrote in daily mail that “Sachin is better than Brain Lara & Ricky Pointing, the other two bats great players of my era. Better than Viv Richards & Allen Border and I would like to say better than Don Bradman himself” & we are totally agree with you Nassir. I think Sachin is far way from the praise & respect, after his double ton in ODI, all respect & praise seems very small in front of his great achievement, “Sachin ki tariff karna vi samaan ki baat hai” means praising & respecting such great player is mater of proud. We Indian are really lucky that we have Sachin & all credit goes to Achrekar sir who is behind this great player, who made a ordinary Sachin in to great Sachin According to Gandhi Ji “Labor never goes in vain”& the hard work of Sachin has done in past behind cricket, I think this success is the sweet reward of his hard work & patience. Because Sachin also started like a ordinary player but through hard work & will power, he made no of world records in world cricket & became “The God of cricket”.
At last I would like to say that Sachin is really great & no one can be like Sachin because Sachin borns only once in an era. As Alexzender won the world an know as Alexzender the great like Sachin won the world cricket, I think soon Sachin is going to be known as “Sachin the great”, Jai ho Sachin ki.


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