February 28, 2010


Is Liberhan Commission report is drama of political parties? I think everyone is watching this drama on media. During the time of Babri Masjid demolition in 1992, congress and BJP were ruling parties in the center and Utter Pradesh respectively. It shows all responsibility goes to central govt. for this demolition. This is because of the carelessness of the central govt. but now the central govt. as well as Liberhan Commission is blaming BJP and RSS for this incident. Is this fair to say?In secular country like India, it’s difficult to find any solution to this issue. The vote bank considerations step in. If the politicians give design in favor of Muslims, then they loose Hindu votes and vice versa. So, this makes things clear that if the parties involved want to rule, they have to leave the issue unsolved. That means no solution to Ayodhya issue. Let’s discuss the issue, who is the real culprit? And try to find out the solution with mutual understanding...
We all know, this is the 17nth anniversary of Ayodhya demolition when kar sevaks (Hindu volunteers) demolished the 400 year old Babri Masjid in Ayodhya on 6th Dec, 1992 to build the lord RAM temple. In fact the Kar Sevaks are not behind this demolition but our dirty politics which encouraged them to do it. Without any political backup, it’d have been an impossible task to complete.None of the Indian people, belonging to any religion, want to make their own and destroy the others worshiping place. It proves clearly that this issue is not a religious but a part of dirty politics where political parties do not want to solve it rather using the issue as a weapon against their opposition party. Finally Leberhan commission is a drama of political parties & Ramjanma bhumi is a unsolved puzzle.
At last I would like to say everyone knows, God is one and all religion have same motto and goal. This is nothing but righteousness and non-violence. I think every one will agree with me, because from every religion we people are the children of Adam & Eve than how we became Muslim, Hindu or Cristian & the fight over Ram & Rahim possible while both are the name of almighty God. So please stop this bloody war & became a "Insan" first than Hindu or Musalmaan


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