February 06, 2010


Now a day price hike I food material is the main reason to worry for the common men, how they will survive in this inflation. The false promise of govt to control inflation is like a mirage to see the price hike in food products day by day. Despite of heavy paddy arrived in Punjab & Haryana and procurement touching 13.23 million tones. Its about 4% more than last year, their may not be much respite for common men as withdrawals from a depleted supply market is likely to keep prices high. The retail prices of rice climbing from Rs 20 to Rs 23 as on Dec 14. This is not only about paddy but about sugar & pulses also. I think, you all have seen the in the news channel s about their stocks & black marketing. Recently police recovered four thousand tones of sugar from a sugar mill in UP, its shows the black marketing of food products flourish in India & hike in price is a preplanned game of traders. This is the easiest way for the traders to becoming rich. They are keeping the heavy stocks of every food material & waiting for the price hike, when price increases they are supplying to the market. The heavy stocks of food material in the godam results the scarcity of food products in market & this scarcity is the main reason for price hike. This ugly situation is created by the traders for money, which killing common men.
At last I would like to say that till we will not stop the black marketing of food products we can’t fight with inflation. As the common men also know the reason of price hike & how it can be solved? I don’t know what our govt is doing regarding inflation or is this policy to create another agenda for coming election. God knows better, helplessly I am praying to God on behalf of common man “O” God please save us from inflation.


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