February 11, 2010


The king of Bollywood Shahrukh Sher Khan was talking like a lion when he was in US regarding promotion for his up coming movie “My name is Khan”. At first he showed his soft corner for Pakistani cricketers playing in IPL session three which is going to be held on Mumbai & than criticized Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray for their ban on Australian to play in India in relation to racist attack on Indian down under. In response to that Sena & MNS called a ban on SRK movies in Mumbai & added that this boycott will continue till SRK will not bag apology publicly, again SRK replied like a lion “why I will bag apology, I am not wrong”. In revert of his statement Sena , MNS & RSS jointly protested in front of SRK home with banner written “Shahrukh khan Pakistan jao” but still SRK denied to bag apology. Now the story takes U-turn who a lion turns to rat, just see, when SRK boarded in Mumbai airport, he told to media that “he never criticized Bala Sahab or Sena & blamed media for miscommunication & added that I will go to Matto Sree, if Bala sahib call me”. Suddenly a lion turned in to Rat, do you know why? This is because it’s a publicity stunt; at first create a controversy than bag apology publicly to rectify the mistake. This is a most popular funda of Bollywood stars & directors for publicity & SRK did the same thing like other actors are doing in their respective movie.
At last I would like to say that to see Shahrukh Khan roaring like lion, I became a big fan of SRK but when he surrendered in front of the Sena & MNS like a culprit, I realized that what ever he told earlier that is not his braveness but a publicity stunt.


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