February 13, 2010


“Science is blind without religion & religion is lamb with out science”. I think science is really blind without religion, now question arises how? While science is challenging to make a brain like human being, anti aging formula, mission mars etc., & their giving such statement is foolishness but I would like to show the reality of my statement. You see if you go through science still many puzzles are unsolved like the height of sky, creation of universe, creation of life in earth, the mystery of birth & death, the counting of stars, the distance of universe, why air is present in earth, the discipline of nature, climate change & its calamity etc. I am asking some question to justify my statement
  • (1):- According to Big Bang theory, due to the collision of two stars, one star divided in to several peaces & they became planets while the another star is the sun, in this way our galaxy created. Now question arises why not they collided with each other again? Why they started to move in a discipline way?
  • (2):-If chimpanzee is our in sister than why it is not possible to transplant their blood & organs in human body?
  • (3):-Why the river Ganga water is pear? According to science this is because it’s originated from Himalayas & the presence of medicinal plants in Himalayas makes its water pear than why the other rivers water is not pear while they originated from Himalayas?
  • (4):- According to science reincarnation or rebirth is superstition but on the other hand science clarifies that “In this world nothing destroys completely, its changes its stat only” than why rebirth is not possible?
  • (5):-Why all matters having their own characteristics? My question is why liquid flows from higher to lower reason? According to science answer is “this is characteristic of liquid”. How high the sky is? Infinitive, Is this the satisfactory answer, no, this is passing bulk only & nothing else.
If you go through religion you will find all the answer correctly-
  • (1):-According to the holy Quran, “A day will come, when human being will invent a machine, which will talk & misguide them”. You see the invention of TV & cinema.
  • (2):- According to holy Quran “A day will come when man will marry a man & woman to women”. You see the example of homosexuals & lesbians.
  • (3):- According to holy Quran “A day will come when human being will rule on water, air, earth & space through his mind”, you see the invention of aeroplane, ship, space craft, train, bus etc.
  • (4):- In modern age, we came to know how life starts in a mothers womb but these things are already written in holy Quran as exactly.
  • (5):- According to holy Quran “God has created every thing separately & at the same time”, I think this answer is justified & satisfactory.
  • (6)According to Quran “sooar haram hai” means eating pork strictly forbidden. You see people started to eat pork, as red meat & deadly “swine flue” is in front of us & whole world is worried to find out the solution.
  • (7):-You see Hindu community worships Banyan tree & Tulsi, from the ancient time because of its quality, while science says now, its gives us oxygen all time & purifies the air more than other tree.
  • (8):- According to holy Quran “Akhirat”, the last day of the world, when life will finish from earth & now the scientist are saying about this while these things are written millions of year ago.
According to Elbert Einstein “This beautiful universe is the creation of master mind”& while Indian Scientist A.P.J.Abul Kalam said "The power of prayer is greater than the power of missile" above those statements proves the blindness of science.
At last I would like to say that every rule of religion is based on science & science accepts religion as characteristics, so both are the opposite side of coin & dependent on each other, individually they have no identity. I think "where science ends religion begins" so we can able to correct science through religion.


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