February 28, 2010


"A good budget "this is the statement of our honorable Prim Minster Manmohan Singh, including the industrialist like Adi Godrej (Chair man of Godrej group),Kalpana Morpari ( CEO of j.p.morgan), Meghna desi (Economist), Bharati Desai (CFO, Mahindra & Mahindra), Uday Kotak( MD of Kotak Mahindra), R.Seshasyee (MD, Ashok Leland), Ashok Wadra (CEO & MD , Ambit corporate Finance), Samir Arora (Fund manager of helios Capial ), Malvinder M singh (group chairman of Religare & fortis helth care ). Do you really think this is a good budget & going to make any difference in controlling inflation? Yes its great budget for the rich people but a silent killer for the common man, you see a daily wager earns rs-100/- per day, how can he sustain while rice is Rs 50 per kg, Pulses, Rs-100 per kg, sugar Rs 50 per kg etc. I think you unable to answer it because this budget is finalized to see the welfare of rich people only, I think you people didn’t thought for a while for the poor people’s welfare. At first you have increased the fuel price than increased the bus & train fare now again you increased the fuel price means after some days you will increase the fare, what’s going on in India? You people are fooling us. You given relief in tax, only a rich get benefit form this while no role for the poor people. Please tell me, what you people did for the poor people in this budget. Do you know Gandhi & Nehru has stated subsidy, this is because to improve the condition of the common man while you people removed subsidy to improve the condition of the rich people only. The farmers are the back of every country that way every nation giving subsidy to the farmers but you people increased the fertilizer price while already Indian farmers are suffering from inflation, I think you should corporate them to improve their condition to provide better seeds, fertilizers, tractors with proper irrigation system, the way you are behaving with farmers, that day is not far when farmer will stop farming, than what you people do? Import food materials for the 100 million people, great going. Is this the budget or a great jock on poor people? CPM leader Bindra Karat’s statement that “A budget that is cruel to the poor” & opposition leader Sushma Swaraj told that “Jan virodhi , Kisan virodhi”(anti people, anti farmer), I think their statement is justified & real image of the budget 2010.
At last I would like to say that this budget is nothing but a big giant which comes to kill the poor & protect the rich, when poor will get killed, I think some big problems like population growth & poverty will be get solved automatically so its not a good budget but a great budget, Jai Bharat, Jai Hind, Mera Bhatar mahan”


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