February 07, 2010


In India every year lakhs of students are completing their education & become a Doctor, an Engineer & an MBA and showing their eagerness to work or for higher study in foreign countries like USA, UK, Australia or Golf. You see this year 13000 Indian students applied for visa to UK & UK govt halted the visa request due to security reason. It shows that who crazy Indians are to work or to study in abroad. While a group of US students planned to study in India due to our IT sectors like Kanpur & Khadakpur . No one likes to work for India & for its development & those who are working they are having a money minded mentality as example no of innocent patients are dying in hospital without treatment while doctors are protesting on the road for salary hike. If I am wrong than see the bridges, monuments & buildings are made during British rule they are still in good condition but which are made after freedom that buildings are in miserable condition or destroyed. I heard from my teachers that “Education is the manifestation of meet life” but there is no value of morality in our education system that’s why they have no respect towards their nation & its people. They are respecting only money & going behind it. Learning in India & working in abroad it equivalent to that solder who takes training in Indian army & fights for other nation. Such betrayers deserve to shoot at sight. I think children should taught morale value in school like other subject which will teach them to love their nation in spit of money. According to Mazart “Neither a lofty degree of intelligence nor imagination goes to the making of genius. Love, love, love is the law of genius”. We are not Indian till we not love & serve our nation.
At last I would like to say that we should love our nation like true patriot & work for its development, in spite of working in abroad for money or for prestige. Living in other country & working for others for self development only, how it will bring prestige for us? When our country & its people suffering. How a nation will develop when its young generation working for other nation, please think seriously. I think development can come, when we will wok together honestly for the development of our nation & we will become a great nation.


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