February 26, 2010


Remembering the words of a great worrier Alexzender the great that “nothing is impossible for a willing heart” & Sachin the great proved his words in reality after making the world record of 1st double century in ODI Cricket against South Africa, in just 147 balls, I think this is the result of his great will power which made him to create a history in world cricket. The statement of former Indian captain Sunil Gavasker that “there is no question about that Sachin is the greatest bats man the game has ever seen” & we people are also agree with you sir, no doubt he is the greatest bats man of the world cricket, his 90 plus centuries, 17000 ODI runs, 13000 plus test runs justifies his greatness while people are saying that Sachin is next to Don Bradman & according to TOI that “none come close to the Don Bradman’s amazing average of 99.99 or his phenomenal 29 centuries in 52 test” but I am not convince with them because Bradman played most of his cricket in his own subcontinent or against the team like England, Newzelend & West Indies while Sachin played cricket all over the world & against every cricketing nation, he not played but played like the God of cricket & nick named as “master blaster”. I think the Sachin is the only cricketer who really deserves to make the world record of ODI highest score & no one else.
At last I would like to say that appreciating Sachin is equivalent to “Suraj ko rosin dikhana hai”. As I have seen Sachin through out his cricketing carrier that how selflessly he played for his nation & he given his complete life to the Indian cricket, I think if today India is no1 in test & 2nd in ODI this is because of Sachin so my words are not buttering but an internal truth, after looking his world record against South Africa, I would like to salute the great legend Sachin & requesting every one to sing with me that “East or West, North or South Sachin is the best, Jai ho Sachin ki, Jai Maharashtra, Jai Hind.


  1. I like your post. It was wonderful performance by Sachin.
    Congrats to Sachin Dear Little Master.

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  2. We all being Indian very proud of Sachin and its performances. This 200 feat was an exceptional on.