February 12, 2010


The controversy over Ruchika molestation case spreading like a wild fire, the protest from the public to give justice to Ruchika & Supreme Court ordered for CBI investigation, it’s looking like a main agenda of India while no of criminals; murderers, rapists & terrorist are moving freely in India. Who far it’s justified to charge Rathore for encouraging to suicide case & giving more punishment in place of one year imprisonment & 1000/- penalty. I would like to ask you that Is Rathore deserves to be hanged or capital punishment for Ruchika molestation case? You have no right to charge any one, which crime he hasn’t done. Due to largest democracy & poor law & order, rap, murder, robbery is very much common in India while the culprits of mass killing like riots & terrorist attacks are moving freely, how far it’s justified to give Rathore maximum punishment. As example you abused some one & that person committed suicide after hearing your hot word, now I am asking you, is it possible to charge you in murder case? Not possible because due to zero tolerance power, he committed suicide, you have not encouraged him to suicide. I think charging Rathore for harassing his family could be justified & being a keeper of law, he deserves to be punished for misusing his power.
At last I would like to say that India is 2nd most populated country in the world with more than 100million population & crime rate is equally high according to the population. I think our poor law & order plays the most important role to encourage the criminal activities, where our judicial process needs 20 years of time to punish a culprit, who is the accuse of molesting a girl not for terrorist attack, murder, rap or robbery. To resolve a simple molestation case our judiciary system takes 20 year long time than to resolve the murder case, rap case, robbery case & terrorist attack case, how much time they will take? I think it will take more than 100 year or not possible to predict when it will resolve. You see the example of Arushi murder case, Jasica lal case & terrorist Ajmal Kasab case, its unsolved puzzle. Now whom you will blame for Ruchika suicide case? Either its Rathore or our judicial process, no doubt answer will come, our judicial process is responsible for Ruchik’s suicide not Rathore. So please protest against our poor judicial process.


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