February 21, 2010


How bollywood affected our life, this reflects from our lifestyle, now a day a child knows the name of a film star than then their parents. As looking film stars we people started to act like them but we forgotten, this is their profession & they are doing for publicity & money. We people are trying to show how advance we are to wear the dress like law waist Jens, half paint & mini scat etc, very strange to see the appearance f the young generation, you can’t identify their gender difference, a girl with a girl with shirt & trouser with bob cut hair style while a boy with long hair & ear rings. I think in this way we are destroying our great culture as well as our originality, the culture we are following that’s not our identity, don’t forget we are Indians. In fact the film stars you are following as ideal, their every act are for publicity & money as example their love affair, visit to a shrine or fight every thing. So please don’t lose your identity to follow the film stars blindly.
At last I would like to say that following the foreign culture only for style & showpiece is not wiseness, so don’t follow the film stars, follow the great patriots like Gandhi ji, Nehru ji, Subash Chandra Bose etc because a good actor never be a good ideal to follow but a good act is ideal to us so please for the shake of nation follow our culture & serve our nation.


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