February 10, 2010


Now a day it’s become a Fashion of Indians to go abroad for yearning a lot of money, Muslim community loves to go golf countries while Hindu community or others loves to go eastern countries like US, UK, Australia etc. Indians believes to follow the shortest way to becoming richer that’s why they are going foreign countries to ear money in short time, as the mater of fact “there is no short cut towards success” . In spite of working in our country people are going other countries for the greed of money & due to their greed, Indians are suffering in abroad. This greed turned to disgrace for an Indian named Habib Husain from Jaipur who went to Saudi Arabia to earn money. According to Habib “I don’t get a penny from my employer, when ever we asked for our pass port s, we were kicked & thrashed and to work for 14-18 hour a day”. Habib claimed that “Indian laborers were sold like cattle in Saudi Arabia, he also told “I was better of earning Rs-80/- a day & feeding my family rather than living on promise of 15000/- to 20000/- and not getting a paisa”. This is all about Habib only but still no of Indians are facing same problem in abroad & unable to return India due to entrapped by agent trick. Let’s see how Indian agents are playing game with common innocent men & destroying their future; I am talking about on of friend who went to a golf country to earn money after paying more than 1lakh rupees, agent promised him that “he will get 30k to 40k per month & he will get a reputed job their” but what happen you know when he reached their found a daily wager job & people forced him to work for 15 to 16 hour per day, he worked their for one week & finally returned due to his political back ground & through the help of his some relatives those are staying in Golf. When I meet him he told me that “he is very lucky that he escaped form their, still no of Indians are suffering their leaving in measurable condition in side the rode or under the bridge”. Now I am talking the true story of a tailor who belongs to my town & he is a famous business man, he told me how became rich, he started like this “I belong to poor family, so I borrowed 30k from a person In interest & given to an agent than he sent me Dubai In a ship along with a group of Indians & no one having a passport or visa. After a week of journey we reached to Dubai, we are immediately sent in to a factory & ordered not to go out of the factory in condition. I worked for 5 year in that company & earned a lot of money their & came back to India through a ship after five year, in this way I became a rich man”. I think only lucky people are earning money in abroad while most of them are suffering. You see the racist attacks on Indians in Australia, some of them injured badly while some lost their life but Australian govt & Indian govt is still silence so Indians should understand that foreign countries are never safe for Indians.
At last I would like to say that Indian govt should not allow Indians to work in other nation while they are completing their education in India. I think this act is equivalent to a shoulder that takes training in Indian army & fights for other nation. They are the betrayer who cheats his nation for money & his self development. Govt also take strong action against those agents who provides main power to the foreign companies after taking a huge amount from Indians. This is for every Indians who loves to work in abroad that being an Indian its our duty to serve our nation like a true patriot & when we will work untidily for the development of our nation soon India become a development country like US, UK & Australia . So please think it over! “keyoki apne ghar ma vi hai roti”.


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