February 14, 2010


Do you know why we people are backward? This is because we people believe in “Pyar & Mohabbat” means love & romance not loving each other like universal brotherhood. In India its a common sight of lovebirds performing their duty without any fear in public places. According to our society & culture romance before marriage is totally illegal but “ sabse jada ashique hindustan ma hai” means most no of lovebirds you can find in India, while we are 2nd most populated country in the world but regarding love & romance we are no 1. According Galib “our vi gam hai jamane ma maohabbat ke siwa, lakin ham bharatiya ko mohabbat siwa koe or kam nahe hai” means in spite of love & romance so many problems are in this world but Indians have no problem except of love & romance. I think this is the main reason for our backwardness, the country like India where a young man want to become a successful & famous person to get his dream girl not for their parents & nation so as the day progresses we are going in to ditch because of our poor mentality. Where, people belonging to different countries going to lend on Marsh & inventing new things. You see the most of the famous scientists belong to the foreign countries while most of the writer, author & lover from India, an example Laila & Majnu, Heer & Ranjha, Soni& Mehawal etc & Ist wonder of the world Taj mahal, which is made by an India king Shah jahan on the loving memory of his wife Mumataj. This is India & its people.
You see how Indians are misusing the technology; I think you all have seen the use of cell phone among the youngsters, how they are misusing the source communication. Scientist invented cell phone for better communication among the people while we Indian stated to use it In “Ashique” (romance) & now our telecom sectors are using our weakness in their business & earning a lot of money. Just see the unlimited call facility to local & STD, given by the telecom companies like Reliance, Tata Indicom, Idea, Vodaphone etc. As I have seen practically that when Reliance started unlimited call facility, most of the youngsters purchased two cell phones & given one cell phone to their girl friends & they are talking day night without sleeping. They are talking with each other that I will bring stars & moon for you, I will fight with society for you and if it is necessary I will scarify my life for you. I think you all agree with me that India is the only country where a young boy & girl commit suicide & some turns to criminals, rapist or murderers, due to love. This is India & Its youngsters, how can our development is possible?
At last I would like to say that this article is dedicated to the new generation of India, please read it & think over it seriously, where we people are & how cheep your way of living is! So please don’t destroy your precious life going behind “Pyar & Mohabbat” this is nothing but only sexual attraction. Please understand it “love is not the heart of life, it’s a part of life” & telling you the word of a Wise man that “Carrier is like a light & love is like a shadow, if you follow the light shadow will flow you & if you follow the shadow, it will go away from you”. So make your carrier, you will get your love & lastly for the shake of your love, please think about your carrier which is most essential for your & our country’s development.