February 26, 2010


While the whole world is singing the song of Sachin’s greatness & may be Music director A.R.Rahaman is planning to sing a song “Jai ho Sachin” their putting a question mark on Sachin’s greatness is a stupidity but I am asking this to all of you that is Sachin really great? Yes no, doubt he is great but still a question mark on his greatness because he has not given us world cup & all most failed in every big occasion. As I have seen his 20 years of cricketing career, he always disappointed us in need, most of in final games, including the world cup final 2003, when he broken our hope a throne his wicket so cheaply. During the Championship Trophy in Sarjaha is the exceptional when he played really great against Australia & given us victory apart from this I have never seen him to play in pressure game especially when Indian team needs to chase a big target. It’s a fact that he is the best batsman of this era & holding no world records in world cricket but what is the use of such greatness which can’t bring victory for his nation. I think his 90 plus centuries, 13000 test runs & 17000 ODI runs are still worthless because he failed to serve his nation, as the mater of fact century is never important but a win is always impotent. A friend in need is a friend indeed, one who helps in need is the true friend while Sachin never helped Indian team in need, If you don’t believe just go back to past & see how he has played, during every big occasion. I think only this year is the best year of his cricketing career when he played according to his quality & performed in need.
At last I would like to say that till Sachin will not bring world cup for us he can’t be recognize as a great batsman so on behalf of every Indian, I am requesting you Sachin, please win world cup for us & make me wrong .


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