March 01, 2010


"Nari sakti he desh ki sakti hai" means the power of women is the power of nation, you see the country like US, UK & USSR are most developed nation because they have a developed women society & both women & having equal right of living not only in their constitution but also in the society while in India its totally different, we are having a male dominated society, addressing women as a goddess is the drama of male community, still no of women burnt by their family because of dowry or forced to wear "burkha & ghuangat" & living a slave or an animal while our constitution given equal right along with man. Some women are so lucky those are living in metros or towns, they are living freely & happily in society while rest of all women community still in miserable condition, their development is a theory & nothing else, if you don't believe just go to any of the village in India, you will get the reality of my statement. In India women right is a great jock where a political leader blames women for sex related crime , do you think their women are getting their right. You see the Union Cabinet on Thursday cleared the woman's reservation bill, which has been hanging fire close to 14 years, its shows the helpless condition of women, where a govt takes 15 years of time to give right to the women, what can you expect from the society? I think our backwardness is the result of woman's miserable condition. Women from other nation going to the space while in India women are forced to stay at home like an animal, now a days most of the parents giving good education to their daughter but still parents not allowing them to work out side & our society also not favoring them. Its bitter truth that we will not develop till women will not get their rights of living.
At last I would like to say that women should deserve 50% reservation not 33% because women are less corrupted than man community, society just see the world history every were male community shown his evil acts & became a destroyer while women served the humanity as mother, sister or daughter, you can say it as a goddess. I think 50% reservation can bring development in women society because only woman can think about the welfare of woman & only woman can truly work for their development which male community never did. When a woman will rule our nation this will bring development for the women as well as our nation & no doubt this will make corruption free govt, society & nation so please give them equal right of living for the sack of our nation.