December 27, 2010

The God Of Internet Google

I think it's known to you that God of cricket Sachin  and the God of Soccer Marodona but do you know the God of internet? The God of internet is none other than one and only  one "Google". As far as I concern every body will agree with my point of view. You see Google became a part of life, without it life seems to be impossible. When ever we want to know or find anything we are using Google. Every where it's home, office or education sector, Google playing a huge role. The features like Google map, Google earth and Google body browser plays the must important part in our life. 
A student, a professional or a housewife ever one using Google as a key tool to complete their work. Google is the treasure of knowledge and the true teacher who guides us in every sector of our life, either it's personal, professional or social. We became addicted of Google, but this addiction has no side effect only positive effect.
When I didn't know the use of Google, that time I have to waste so much money and time in studies but when I introduced with Google life became easier, economical and faster than before. I forgotten the use of Books, dictionary. Now I am using Google as a key tool in every sector of my life. I started blogging, this is because of Google. The introduction of Google in my life given a u-turn to my personal and professional life. Due to Google world is moving on our finger tip, a single click on Google giving solution to every problem. As God never misguides his followers Google never misguided his users so Google is the God of internet and the king of hearts.The king is ruling the world so smartly.
At last I would like to say that what Google has given the world one can ever came close to it because East or West Google is the Best.


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