December 06, 2010

Reality Shows are good or bad for our future?

The Idiot Box became smarter after the beginning of “Reality Shows” and people duffers. As far as I concern Reality Shows stress busters & batter than our daily TV serial because watching TV serials gives a lots of tension. Every serial contains the similar story, the mixer of violence & tension.
Reality shows are good but the participation of Bollywood stars & vulgarity in it showing the sign of our poor future. Most of the host & participant using reality show for publicity & for that they are ready to do every thing. Just see what happened in Big Boss session 4, Sara Khan & Ali Merchant got married in on show & shared their wedding first night publicly in front of the camera on the other hand the third class behavior of Dolly Bindra given her popularity. Yaa publicity ka funda hai Boss.
On the other hand some reality shows like Indian Idol, Dance India Dance, Nach Baliye, India got Talents, Koun Banega Karorpati etc where Bollywood stars, directors are participating to find the talent as the matter of fact their main motto is not searching the talent but becoming popular in front of the television viewers. The popularity of TV the channels like, Star, Sony, Zee, Colour now a day’s people don't like to go to the theaters that’s why Bollywood is going through bad phase. Now to bring back those Ordinances they have applied these techniques. Now every star is a fan of reality shows as far as concern encouraging such reality shows they are destroying the future of India.
You just think a nation all people became an actor, dancer & singer what we will be the future of that nation. When all became entertainer then whom they will entertain. It’s only for fun & enjoyment not for the future. As I have seen in a TV channel "A child age in between 3 to4 year & the reporter asked him his favorite actor, my god he told "Hirthik". Now it’s a matter to think seriously because "IDIOT BOX" is doing his work so smartly
According to holy Quran “In future men will invent a machine which will talk & corrupt people”. Things are turning truly as written in book. At last i want to say govt should ban such type of reality show which is not good for the future of India not the show like "Such ka samna" which make people to face truth bravely while the reality show like .its strikes directly in the little children mind which spoils the their future. The show like" koun banega caror pati & Dus ka dum "making our new generation lazy to see these show they wanted to find out the shortest way of success, every one want be a milliner through these shows. An old saying “there is no short cut towards success”. The reality show like "Big boss, Desi Girl, Rakhi ki Adalat, Rakhi ka swamber, Pati patni or wa, Raaj pichle janam ka", I don't know what moral people are drawing from this & what the directors want to prove through it. God knows batter!
Parents should understand the fact of reality show that every one is not lucky like Abhjit Samant, Rakhi samant, Ismit & Salman the winners of reality shows. So please don't encourage your children towards reality shows & their extra curricular activity for their & our nation's bright future.
At last I would like to say that Reality shows are not bad the presentation is wrong, Govt should ban reality shows like Bog Boss, fear factor, Desi Girl & Ess jangal se mujha Bacho etc. which encouraging vulgarity, Nudity & poor culture.
Do you know, The side effect of Reality Shows can destroy our future? So beware of it


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