December 29, 2010

Our Judicial Process & Media Serves The Power?

According to a famous saying “Powers tents to corrupt” that’s what happening in our country. Our corrupted leaders are ruling over that judicial process & Media. In paper only our judicial process & media is power full but in reality they serves power.
You see the verdict of Babri Masjid & Ram Janam Bhumi issue how poorly our judicial process given the decision, after the 50 year long run such a foolish verdict, which is not acceptable.  According to ASI(Archeological survey of India)  Babari Masjid is built  on the demolished structure of temple, than why the entire place given to Rama Temple why it equally divided  in to three parts. Through this decision judicial process is fooling the citizens. This decision clearly showing that judicial process is a proxy of govt. If verdict favors Muslim community than Govt will loose the Hindu community vote & if verdict favors Hindu community than govt will loose the Muslim community vote, if you want to rule support both of them. So under the guidelines of the govt, our judicial process given such poor decision which looking like a biggest jock of the year.   
On the other hand you see no of leaders, who belongs to ruling, their name came with scams & controversies but after CBI inquiry & followed by no of inquires, at the end they got clean sheet . Here also showing that judicial process serves the power.
Now come to Media, you will never find the miss presentation of ruling party on media. Doesn’t matter how poorly govt is ruling the nation & how corrupt the leaders are! But if a leader belongs to non ruling party ever found guilty or suspected than media is presenting him like a demon, doesn’t matter how tiny his fault is. Here also clearly showing that Media serves power.
At last I would like to say that a nation where judicial process & media is handicap that nation never be great. So I am not feeling proud being an Indian. What you are feeling, must leave your valuable comment.


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