December 26, 2010

Christmas Is Not Only For Celebration But To Understand The Message Of Jesus

At fast I would like to Wish all of you, A Merry Christmas.

I would like to spreed the message of Jesus  through this article. I think it's known to you that why we are celebrating Christmas but I love to tell you that we are celebrating Christmas because 25th of Dec is the birth date of Jesus Christ.
What other event throughout all time is more significant than the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ? It marks the arrival of Immanuel, God With Us, the Word Become Flesh, the Savior of the World—this is the most significant birth ever. It is the central event in all of history. This is the main reason we are celebrating Christmas every year on 25th Dec. 
As far as concern Christmas is not only for celebration but to understand the message of Jesus. Do you know why Jesus step down to the world? To save the humanity, to spread love & peace and to teach righteousness but people forgotten his message, now a days Christmas is all about marry making & celebration.
As We forgotten the message of Jesus that's why we people are in trouble. See The calamity of nature , every where flood, earth quack, droughts, storms, T-Sunami etc.
Check out any news paper you will find out every where Terrorism, crime, violence, corruption & hatred, people are behaving like animals. Peace, love, honesty & righteousness looking like a dream.
You see The Wikileaks founder Julain Assange who is fighting with baddies but people are addressing him as terrorist. Every nation want to punish him because he is fighting for truth. 
At last I would like to say that follow & spread the message of Jesus in this world & Celebrate Christmas around the world like a family, Forget the barrier of  caste, creed & religion because we are all the children of Jesus.


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